Friday May 19th, 2023 



Glaucoma diagnostics
Chairpersons: Eija Vesti, Boel Bengtsson

  •  A correct diagnosis of glaucoma, Boel Bengtsson SWEDEN
  • Comparison of different methods in diagnosing early glaucoma, Nina Lindbohm FINLAND
  • Glaucoma Progression detection by OCT; Pearls and Pitfalls, Sanjay Asrani USA
  • Finding glaucoma with perimetry and OCT; how to get insights and avoid confusion, Dimitrios Bizios SWEDEN

Coffee break and exhibition 

Artificial intelligence (AI) in glaucoma care
Chairpersons: Anja Tuulonen, Leopold Schmetterer  

  • What can we expect from AI in glaucoma management, Leopold Schmetterer SINGAPORE 
  • AI for glaucoma detection: challenges and a quest for solutions, Ingeborg Stalmans BELGIUM 
  • Real-World Data and AI, Anja Tuulonen FINLAND 

Lunch and exhibition 

My favorite glaucoma surgery; The Million- Dollar Question
Chairpersons: María Soffía Gottfreðsdóttir,  Mika Harju 

  • Trabeculectomy, the Gold Standard, Ronald Kam UK
  • Deep sclerectomy, tips and tricks, Pasi Allinen FINLAND 
  • Glaucoma tubes – from small to big, María Soffía Gottfreðsdóttir ICELAND 
  • The PreserFlo MicroShunt, Jan Henrik Simonsen DENMARK 
  • The Paul implant, Juha Välimäki FINLAND 

Coffee break and exhibition 

Scientific Research in the Nordic Countries
Chairperson: Anu Vaajanen, Gauti Jóhannesson 

  • The MYOC gene variants in the Finnish patients with glaucoma, Joni Turunen FINLAND 
  • Ocular surface and glaucoma Surgery, Fabian Gielen FINLAND 
  • Neuroprotection – can we treat something else than IOP? Gauti Jóhannesson SWEDEN
  • Does the optic nerve subarachnoid space play a role in normal tension glaucoma? Martin Kristiansen SWEDEN 
  • Does intensive initial treatment reduce glaucomatous progression? Boel Bengtsson SWEDEN 
  • Glaucoma surgery: trabeculectomy versus MicroShunt implantation, Olav Kristianslund NORWAY

Congress Dinner
Restaurant Sipuli, Kanavaranta 7 


Saturday May 20th, 2023 

“The not so simple and easy glaucoma cases”. Interactive case presentations
Chairpersons: Maria Lamberg, Jan Klokk Slettedal 

  • Multiple mechanisms for high IOP,  Nina Lindbohm FINLAND
  • Unexpected problems after MIGS, Anna Barkander SWEDEN
  • Vision loss after filtering surgery, Jon Klokk Slettedal NORWAY
  • Small eyes big problems, Peter Ruhlmann DENMARK

Coffee break and exhibition 

Glaucoma in everyday life
Chairperson: Hannu Uusitalo 

  • What does glaucoma mean to patient and society? Petri Purola FINLAND 
  • Real-life data of glaucoma patients from Tampere, Pekko Hujanen FINLAND 

Lunch and exhibition 


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