What to do in Helsinki

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No need to travel further than the city itself for a day trip. The suburbs of Helsinki offer something for everyone depending on your interests.

Punavuori is called the Brooklyn of Finland and you will know why when you get there. Small cafes, unique shops and relaxed atmosphere create a perfect place to spend a summer day.

Kallio in Eastern Helsinki is the hub of the growing hipster culture. Here you will find Hakaniemi Market Hall, a blooming bar and bistro culture and some of the best saunas in the city.

Katajanokka is a well kept secret among its residents. Separated from the mainland by the Katajanokka channel this small neighbourhood has kept its distinct atmosphere. Here you will also find the ferries to take you to Tallinn or Stockholm.



Helsinki offers a variety of Finnish restaurants. You can find anything from traditional Finnish dishes such as Karelian stew to locally sourced vegan treats. Explore the city’s culinary options here.



Helsinki is a great place to do some shopping – treat yourself or find some unique souvenirs. Esplanade and Boulevard are both the places to be if you are searching Finnish design. Shopping centres all around the city offer a more affordable selection of goods.



Sauna is the best way to dive into the Finnish culture. Even in the busy capital the Finns have time to just sit back and relax with a refreshment or two. You will find public saunas all over Helsinki to suit your need, for example you might want to head to Allas Sea Pool. This oasis is located by the sea next to the Market Square.




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Image: Helsinki Marketing / Jussi Hellsten